What People Are Saying


"I’ve worked with the people at Thinkfind for several years, and I can say it has been a great experience the whole time. They have the keen ability to develop relationships and to understand our needs and deliver what’s needed to achieve our business objectives. I highly recommend Thinkfind to anyone in need of great resources for mission critical projects."
C. Mozzillo, Manager–Major Telecommunications Company

"I have experience with Thinkfind from their inception, and with the founders of the company going back nearly 15 years. Thinkfind works hard to understand their client’s organization in order to match their needs. Several people may have the technical skills to qualify, but Thinkfind also looks for consultants who match the client’s culture. I believe that is one of their qualities that make them special. I enjoy working with them and have a lot of respect for what they do."
L. Brown–Major Transportation Company



"It has been my sincere pleasure to work with Thinkfind as a consultant. The staff at Thinkfind is great and they sincerely care about their people. The benefits, pay options, time-off options are just unprecedented in this industry. In the twelve years I’ve been in this business, Thinkfind has offered more benefits and flexibility than any other consulting company I have worked with. They truly care about their clients and consultant’s experience and welfare. My experience with them is a testament to that."
Brady Diggs, Consultant

"I was very fortunate to work with Thinkfind during my employment search. They were very professional and helped me find a position that matched exactly what I was looking for in my search. I would recommend Thinkfind to anyone interested in a very positive consulting experience."

Ron Brewer, Consultant

"I really enjoy working with Thinkfind as a consultant. They offer very good pay and time-off options. Thinkfind really takes good care of their people. I would recommend them to everyone."

D. Gershater, Consultant



"Strategic partnerships have played a significant role in our firm’s explosive growth delivering mission critical services in the Cloud, Virtualization, Storage, Infrastructure, Unified Communications and Security arena. Thinkfind is a trusted advisor and partner that we know we can depend on."
Nicholas Montera, CEO–Extropy

"Thinkfind has earned an outstanding reputation for their integrity, customer service and the ability to deliver exceptional results. We highly recommend Thinkfind as a partner you can trust and one that will listen to your objectives and deliver professional results."
Geryl Mortensen, Partner–Extropy