About Thinkfind

Thinkfind Corporation is a leader in delivering technology services. We are a new company—with an experienced team focused on a fundamental idea—delivering great service. Whether you are a client, consultant, partner or a supplier—we are striving each day to redefine the standard for technology services. Count on us to be determined to help, and to do our best to ascertain your needs.

The Thinkfind Story

Does the world really need another staffing firm? That’s the question we asked ourselves when we were contemplating this new venture called Thinkfind.

We decided the answer was yes—and no

We were certain no one would see the need for another faceless resume mill using high-volume, call center recruiting to fill positions they didn’t understand with people they didn’t know. We’d seen plenty of that in our over 20 years of working together in the business. Taking a cue from the overseas firms, even the large organizations had begun to favor a similar cost-cutting approach. No, the world didn’t need another staffing firm like that.

On the other hand, could the world use a technology services company built on a strong foundation of integrity, decades of experience and a customer-centric focus? Would customers and consultants still value service? Would they want a partner who invests in them, understands how they produce profits and translates that understanding into the best cultural and technical fit possible for all parties? The answer seemed obvious.

And so, Thinkfind was born

We started Thinkfind because we know customers still want quality and value. They want a partner that understands their technology and business. They want a provider who sees the big picture and can deliver a total solution.

Thinkfind strives to put the service back into technology services. We understand that quality service and delivery is the reason we have clients. Our goal is to advance the concepts of customer centricity and service to the level our clients expect and deserve. We strive to know your business and help find the right technology solution to your business challenges.

We have been helping the world’s leading corporations solve their IT problems for the past 2 decades. Our honest and forthright approach has been a breath of fresh air for results-oriented organizations that need partners that understand information technology is more than a cost center. IT can be a strategic advantage.

Our services are segmented by key areas of technology

Thinkfind specializes in Application Development, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Resource Planning and Infrastructure staff augmentation and consulting services. Our focus on these segments enables us to understand your challenges and opportunities, and deliver the services that help achieve business goals. We’ll help you navigate to the people and processes that can help your business grow.